Each day we will have a promotional message encouraging donors on social media to donate to the Empty Pantry Fund.

This year, Lamon Jewelers (Maryville) has provided a cushion-cut Garnet pendant, set in a 14Karat Yellow Gold Bezel on a sterling silver chain, valued at $246.00 as an incentive for one lucky online donor. Every donor who provides his/her contact information online will be entered to possibly win the two-tone pendant and chain. If you make an anonymous donation, we are unable to include you in the drawing for the free gift; however, you can include your contact information and request that your name not be listed in publications if you wish to remain eligible. 

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1st Day of Christmas Dec. 14th

2nd Day of Christmas Dec. 15th

3rd Day of Christmas Dec. 16th

4th Day of Christmas Dec. 17th

5th Day of Christmas Dec. 18th

6th Day of Christmas Dec. 19th

7th Day of Christmas Dec. 20th

8th Day of Christmas Dec. 21st

9th Day of Christmas Dec. 22nd

10th Day of Christmas Dec. 23rd

11th Day of Christmas Dec. 24th

12th Day of Christmas Dec. 25th

Visit www.emptypantryfund.com (preferred) or donate directly on our Facebook Page (@TheEmptyPantryFund) to make your contribution today. Use the #12DaysOfEPF on your social media platforms to spread the love with your family and friends. Contributions can also be mailed or hand-delivered to the Daily Times (307 E Harper Ave. Maryville, TN 37804) but will not be eligible to win the Garnet pendant on a sterling silver chain.