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Day 11

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Day 11, Friday, December 24: It’s the day before Christmas! We realize that everyone is probably busy (just like Santa Claus) purchasing last-minute gifts and preparing everything for Christmas Day.  One year, we went to a house in Rockford, knocked on the door of the house, and after waiting a few minutes this nice lady opened the door. She said, “I’m sorry it took a minute but my kids went to their bedroom and hid because I told them Santa was coming a day early and if he saw the kids, then he would not leave the gifts.” I was bringing the gifts, which means I was Santa Claus! We left the family a food basket and a box of toys from Toys of Blount County and I remember thinking how special it was to be Santa Claus this year. Today is your opportunity to be Santa and make a donation to the Empty Pantry Fund or reach out to Toys from Blount County and give them a gift so that we can continue to be Santa for kids in the future.


Go to to make a one time or recurring monthly donation via PayPal (preferred) or donate directly on our Facebook Page (@TheEmptyPantryFund)


_____ $30 one-time donation provides ½ the cost of a basket

_____ $60 one-time donation purchase a basket of food for a family

_____ $25 monthly (repeated) donation purchases 5 baskets

_____ $35 monthly donation will provide 7 baskets of food

_____ $50 monthly donation will provide 10 baskets of food

_____ $75 monthly donation will provide 15 baskets of food

_____$100 monthly donation will provide 20 baskets of food

_____ Make a memorial donation (In memory of ….) 

_____ Honor someone with a donation (In honor of ….)

_____ Any other donation


Remember to follow and share the Empty Pantry Fund on Facebook @theemptypantryfund or use #12DaysOfEPF


Lamon Jewelers (Maryville) has generously provided a 3.00+carat Aquamarine and Diamond pendant, set in a 14Karat Yellow Gold setting on an eighteen-inch, 14karat yellow gold rope link chain, valued at $1,000.00 as an incentive for one lucky online donor. Every donor who provides his/her contact information online will be entered to possibly win the aquamarine pendant and chain. If you make an anonymous donation, we are unable to include you in the drawing for the free gift; however, you can include your contact information and request that your name not be listed in publications if you wish to remain eligible.

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