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Day 3

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Day 3: On Thursday, December 16 hundreds of volunteers will help pack over 1300 baskets of Food at the Armory National Guard throughout three (3) different shifts. Not everyone can help pack baskets, but if you still want to help, monetary donations are worth their weight in gold!  What a great day to donate to the Empty Pantry Fund when the volunteers are packing the baskets. 

_____ $30 one-time donation provides ½ the cost of a basket
_____ $60 one-time donation purchase a basket of food for a family
_____ $25 monthly (repeated) donation purchases 5 baskets
_____ $35 monthly donation will provide 7 baskets of food
_____ $50 monthly donation will provide 10 baskets of food
_____ $75 monthly donation will provide 15 baskets of food
_____$100 monthly donation will provide 20 baskets of food
_____ Make a memorial donation (In memory of ….) 
_____ Honor someone with a donation (In honor of ….)
_____ Any other donation

Remember to follow and share the Empty Pantry Fund on Facebook @theemptypantryfund or use #12DaysOfEPF

This year, Lamon Jewelers (Maryville) has provided a 3.00+carat total weight Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant set in 14karat yellow gold with an eighteen-inch rope link chain in 14karat yellow gold, valued at $1,000.00 as an incentive for one lucky online donor. Every donor who provides his/her contact information online will be entered to possibly win the aquamarine pendant and chain. If you make an anonymous donation, we are unable to include you in the drawing for the free gift; however, you can include your contact information and request that your name not be listed in publications if you wish to remain eligible.

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